5 Comics About Winter Break

In light of the holidays and winter break, here are some quick comics (drawn by yours truly!) about some personal experiences of mine related to this time of year:

1. Going into winter break:
I’m always being told to go outside and enjoy the weather…
2. Meanwhile, my friends’ winter breaks…
It would be nice to go somewhere that isn’t -20 degree weather!
3. Doing festive events with my friends (ft. not so Secret Santa):
But seriously. It wasn’t even a day since drawing names!
4. Getting gifts for the holidays:
Shoutout to everyone struggling with their sweet tooth during the holiday season!
5. AND of course, the last day of winter break:
Aiming to NOT sleep at 4:00 AM on the last night of winter break…

I hope everyone has had a wonderful first week of winter break so far! Happy Holidays!

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