5 Household Products that You’ve Been Using Wrong

Using Vinegar to Clean Everything

Vinegar is not only a seasoning product but also a cheap and natural cleaner. We can use it to brighten coffee cups, clean the toilet and loosen the carpet stain, however, if you are using vinegar to clean every surfaces, please stop right there! If you’ve got hardwood floors and you use vinegar to clean them, the acidity in the vinegar will actually strip the surface and ruin its shine over time. Next time, use a neutral- pH cleanser or a specifically formulated one for hardwood instead.

Swipe the Same Sponge Everywhere

The sponge is a really useful as a household product. We can use a sponge to clean dishes, wipe down the counter-top, and scrub stains off the floor. If you use the same sponge to clean everything and don’t clean it regularly, The dirty sponge will contain bacteria. For example, you use the sponge to clean up egg yolk spills that contain bacteria and then use it to wipe the counter-top. The bacteria will transfer to the counter-top as well.


Using Antibacterial Wipes on Your Screens


Your friend’s got the flu—break out the wipes! But if you are tempted to wipe your laptop monitor, you should stop doing that. The wipes contain harsh chemicals which will corrode the screen and the liquid will likely get inside the computer. Microfiber cloth with a teeny bit of water is a good way to clean the screen without damaging it.

Popping Reusable Plastic Containers into the Microwave

As a lazy person, I love popping the leftovers directly into the microwave with the container and I will have dinner in few minutes. How efficient! But we should be aware of that not all the plastic storage containers are microwave-safe. If they are not, the high temperatures will make the container to leak plastic into your food. Therefore, before you reheat your next leftovers, check the bottom of the container to see if its microwave-safe.

Dumping in the Laundry Detergent

A family generally does more than seven loads of laundry a week, but if you never paying attention to how much laundry detergent you use and just dump it in the machine, you are probably using way more than you actually need which is a waste of money. Its really important to read the instructions on the laundry detergent and measure accordingly. Your clothes will be the same clean!


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