Five types of shoppers

From working at a retail store and observing the various types of shoppers from these past one or two intense shopping months, I have conjured up five types of shoppers that can be found in grocery stores and the mall.

1. Bargain Shoppers

These shoppers can be found in the ‘Clearance’ sections of stores, mainly on the weekends (huge sales), and in abundance on Boxing Day Week. These shoppers are excited by the “Additional Sale” signs, and demand for additional discounts for loose threads or the ever popular excuse, “it’s the last one and it looks worn.”

2. Impulse Shoppers

These are the shoppers who basically bring the entire store to the till. When every single item has been ringed in, and the relieved cashier – who has their fingers crossed, hoping that all the items are going to be purchased – announces the total, these shoppers start deciding whether or not they want an item… absolutely dreadful for the cashier.

3. Forgetful Shoppers

These are the shoppers known as the empty line disturbers. They are the ones who create a line by stalling the till as they run to aisle 10232 to pick up something they have forgotten. Not only does this result in a line full of already impatient shoppers, but an innocent cashier who really does not need to be ranted at or blamed for being slow by their manager.

4. Nitpicky Shoppers

These are the shoppers you find holding identical pieces – at least to the other types of shoppers – who find an outstanding difference between the same colours or sizes. These shoppers turn into bargain shoppers at the cash register when they insist for a discount since they have decided to go for the “damaged” piece.

5. Organised Shoppers

Finally! These are the best kind of shoppers out there (other shoppers, please take note). They know which store they want to go to, what they want to get, and try their size on and check for damages – BEFORE they proceed to the cashier. When they have reached this final destination, they simply purchase and go – happy customer, happy cashier, happy shopper next in line!

I am definitely a combination of an impulse yet forgetful and nitpicky shopper. Almost every single piece of item attracts me at a store, but for some reason, I always forget to find that one item I was initially in the store for.  And I have inherited the nitpicky side of me from my mom who always checks for broken zippers, holes, missing buttons, stains, loose threads… you name it!

What kind of shopper are you?

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