5 Events to go before Semester Two starts

Nothing to do before semester two starts? Go and find out what's fun and awesome to do in the city!!

Finally, exams and diplomas are done. Freedom is here for some, it’s a week or only a few days, but at least you have a break. Semester two is starting and somewhat comes quickly, yet you are still standing, “Congrats you survived Semester one.” Now time to get ready for the plans you haven’t made and discover interesting some events.

Here are 5 things to do before Semester Two:

1.YYC Hot chocolate Fest ( Jan 28 until Feb)

You in-love for the cocoa?

Hot chocolate is the best drink in the winter season but it’s not your ordinary hot chocolate. Different stores are competing against each other to win the best hot chocolate in Calgary. The best part is there are over +100 plus stores to choose different hot chocolate from and all of them are spread all over the city.  The kick-off starts at Jan 28 and may you discover your favorite hot chocolate.

2. Chinese New Year Carnival (Jan 28 and 29)

Do you want to experience Chinese new year?

It is annual festival set up to celebrate the Chinese New Year! There will be traditional Chinese food, family-friendly games and activities, performances, and so much more! The event is host at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre.


3. Stem Seminar 2017 (Jan 28 or Feb 3)

Interested in science?

This seminar is all about information about Science Expo and how to get involved and STEM opportunities, education, and future careers. They are the largest student-run non-profit organization that connects youth to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) community in Canada and their vision is to create a national community of youth that engages in STEM programs and education, in order to encourage the pursuit of STEM careers. Plus, free food and beverage are available for the seminar. The first seminar is on Jan 28 but if you can’t make it, there is the second seminar at Feb 3.

4. Calgary Pop-up Comic Show (Jan 29 and 30)

Do you like Comics?

This event is for you where you can buy comic, graphic novels, video games, and art.  This is not a Mini expo but an old school type comic show where you can trade your collectibles or sell them.

5. High-Performance Rodeo (Jan 26 to Feb 2)

Want to know Western Canada?

The High-Performance Rodeo is Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts. Encompassing theater, music, dance, comedy and interdisciplinary art, the High-Performance Rodeo is the largest event of its kind in western Canada.For four weeks in January, local, national and international performers converge on Calgary to share many of their award winning performances. It is held in various locations.


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