I Answered Some Of Google’s Most Popular Searches…

Google is a powerful search engine that can find the answers to almost all your questions, but can it give better answers than me? Probably, yes, but let’s do this anyways.

What Am I Riddles

(answers at the bottom)

A) I am the beginning of something important, yet the end of something fun. I am hated by many yet without me, years would be shorter. What am I?

B) When you buy me I’m green, when you eat me I’m red and when you spit me out I’m black. What am I?

What Am I Doing With My Life

You’re doing something amazing. You might not realize it but what you do contributes so much. No matter if you’re a teacher, in school, a chef, a stay-at-home parent, unemployed, a doctor, still a kid, an astronaut, etc. What you do everyday changed how we live. You are important, without you there’s no us. Don’t worry if you think you’ve hit rock bottom because in that case, there’s nowhere else to go but up. You’ve got this. Enjoy your life, I promise you you’re doing great.

What Am I Good At



-Helping the human race escape extinction

What Am I Doing

I don’t know but here are some things you could be doing:

-riding a horse

-synchronized swimming

-writing a 548 page creative essay about aliens

-flying a plane

-watching every single Jonah Hill movie ever made

-performing at an opera house

-taking a bath in a tub full of coffee

How Can He Slap

He probably raises his hand and moves it with force in a semi-circle shape.

How Can He Not Miss Me

Okay, first of all, STOP. THINKING. ABOUT. HIM. He is sooooooooooo not worth your time! You can do a hundred times better than him. He doesn’t even deserve you. Quit pondering about how he’s doing and focus on something more important: yourself. Who cares if he doesn’t miss you? He’s only one person, there’s probably better people out there who miss you more. If he doesn’t miss you, it’s his loss because you are so great and he must be beyond stupid if he left you in the first place. YOU. DON’T NEED HIM.

How Can He Move On So Quickly

Because he’s heartless. Because he didn’t care. Because he never cared. He is so many levels below you, you need to stop reaching down to those types of people. He didn’t treat you the way you should be treated. Stop caring about him, he’s a waste of your time. Just wait until you find something real, now that stuff is worth it, not this little dumb boy who played with you like you were some sort of toy. You need to find someone who cares enough to stay.

How Can He Just Stop Loving Me

‘Cause he’s blind. He somehow can’t seem to see how lucky he is to have you, so he left. Guys like these are possibly the worst kind. Not only do they have bad judgement, they also try to convince you it was your fault when it wasn’t. If he goes on like this, he’s just going to die alone with a trail of broken hearts behind him. But you’re not going to be one of those broken hearts, you’re going to be a survivor and fight through it. Cut off the leftover feelings you still have for him, you won’t ever need it again. If he doesn’t love you the way you love him, that relationship will not be worth it.

Why Is It That I Can’t Get A Boyfriend

It’s probably because you’re way too out of their leagues and they can’t keep up.

Why Is It That When I Think About Something It Happens

Actually, I remember hearing a story about this and I totally forgot where it came from, but I think it went like this. There once was a group of monks who sat still for hours and hours everyday just thinking and meditating. One time they were all thinking about this demon. They thought about it so hard and for so long that eventually, the demon became real. If you can picture it happening, it could happen.

Why Is It That I Can’t Get A Girlfriend

It’s probably because you’re way too out of their leagues and they can’t keep up.


Riddle Answers: A) Monday B) Watermelon

And that was me attempting to answer some of google’s most frequently searched questions. Who did it better? Me or Google?


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