Artist of the Day: Cathy Sheeter

No, Cathy’s not a singer (not that I know of, at least). She doesn’t make music, but she does make some pretty incredible scratchboard art.

Ever heard of scratchboards? I’ve only recently been introduced to them by my art teacher. Essentially, the artist uses a sharp tool to scratch away the thin top layer of black ink to reveal the white clay underneath – which means working… inverted (rather than sketching shadows, you scratch out highlights). Sometimes, artists use paint to add colour afterward.

Scratchboard art, though hundreds of years old, is unheard of by many people. Why? It’s one of the most difficult mediums to work with. There’s no way to erase or undo and no way to smudge or water to cover large areas, making it very time-consuming.

That said, you gotta admire the insane amount of detail in Cathy’s work!
(Check out more of it here!)

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