Feel revitalized with Avatara Pizza’s mobile pizzeria


“Butter chicken” pizza…..

As I was volunteering at the World Partnership Walk, there it was, the food truck I had missed at Otafest! I knew that Avatara Pizza‘s food truck was coming as @WPWCalgary had told me about the food selection, but I didn’t expect the lineups that accompanied it; but then lineups and the rain can’t deny people of their cheesy pizza! It’s cheesy, but at the same time not cheesy! (Does this sound a bit familiar? I’m just using puns to be paradoxical, so bear with me.)

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I shall try their selection of Boylan Sodas next time; if only I had a stronger impulse back then…
What's in store?
What’s in store?


Chime in with your vision of the “Nenshi pizza” by tweeting with the hashtag #mayorbytheslice of course 🙂
If Avatara’s daily menu ever find it’s way on to a record book, this can be the photo of record for June 9th.

Yes, I know I lied; it’s not quite “butter chicken” pizza, but there’s that unique butter chicken sauce instead of your usual tomato goodness. Quite fitting with the roving nature of food trucks, their menu also changes day-by-day as well, usually with 3 specialties off of their pizza selection making appearances. (Good thing there’s that “cheat sheet” and @AvataraTweets if you don’t quite know which ones to expect!)

As for my pick that day, I chose a half Buddha pizza ($8), and did it look colourful like spring at Princes’ Island Park:


Along with the red curry sauce, Buddha of course comes with tons of veggies; however, the cashews deserve honourable mention for giving the pizza a chewy edge. I was unsure whether to pick Guru or Buddha, but this proved to be beyond satisfactory. This thin crust pizza is a mouthful of deliciousness.




Maybe I’ll try a slice of Guru next time, but hey, that’s the charm; you always get to try out new varieties!  Having a dynamic menu around and lots of dietary options (gluten-free crust being a big one) is a major plus. If you’re just really tired of chasing them down for your favorite kind, their restaurant a bit south of the Foothills Hospital is your best bet.

Nothing left for you! (A.k.a using blogging powers to induce hunger)


Service – 5/5  – Thanks for letting me take lots of pictures and such!

Food – 5/5 – Did I say cashews and pizza was a good combo?

Value – 3.5 – 4/5 – The prices could be adjusted a bit more to make this even more appealing, but that’s just the two cents from a blogger who adores free food.

Food truck character and design – 4.5/5 – I like the vibrant colors that is used to freshen up the image of the truck.


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