On the Brink of Another War?

I’m sure that lately you have heard about the nuclear weapons North Korea now possess. North Korea is moving fast technologically, faster than any analyst has predicted. The U.S. and North Korea’s neighboring countries now fear a nuclear strike, with a warning missile flying over Japan in the last few days. News reporters say the next target is the U.S. territory of Guam. North Korean officials told CNN in Pyongyang that Kim was “very satisfied with the performance of the missile.” The intermediate-range missile, identified by the North Koreans as the Hwasong-12, flew over Japan, further fueling tensions between North Korea and the United States, as well as Japan and South Korea. The August 29th missile was fired just before 6 a.m., triggering emergency sirens in northern Japan and setting off text messages warning residents to seek cover.

So why does North Korea want missiles? North Korea has long maintained its want for nuclear weapons as it deters the U.S. from meddling with the Kim Jong Un regime. Pyongyang has looked to Iraq, seeing former dictator Saddam Hussein being overthrown by the United States. There is also with case with Libya, where the country’s late leader, Moammar Gaddafi, gave up his nuclear ambitions for sanctions relief and aid, only to be toppled and killed after the US intervened in the country’s civil unrest. North Korea believes that only nuclear weapons would stop American intervention.

We can only wait and see what unfolds next, as anything can happen at this point. Trump has since said, all options are on the table, and also pledging :”the U.S. stands 100 percent with Japan.”

Update 1 (2017/9/5): Fears grow when North Korea warns of more “gift packages” to the U.S.A.

Update 2 (2017/9/8): North Korea’s capital Pyongyang is evacuated due to World War 3 fears

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