Bubble Mania Restaurant Review

Location: 455 16 Ave NE Calgary (Click for map)

Website: http://www.bubblemaniacafe.com

My first impression of Bubble Mania when I first entered was that its interior design was impressively modern. Although food is a vital factor in rating a restaurant, I am a person who is faithful to aesthetics as well even if the matter pertains to eating. My favourite decoration/ furnishing element was the lighting. It was simple, but it added a modern but cozy glow to the surroundings. Bubble Mania is also known to have the best bubble tea in Calgary, which piqued my interest and convinced me to visit. These are some photos of the interior setting of the restaurant.


The specialties of Bubble Mania are bubble tea and chicken wings. I found their way of serving bubble tea to be quite unique in comparison to other restaurants and bubble tea stores. This was due to how they served a bowl of lychee jelly beforehand and afterwards gave the bubble tea, implying that one is free to add however much jelly he/she wants. They also gave us baskets to put bones into and wet wipes to clean our hands with before they even served the dishes. The bubble tea flavour I ordered was taro. Despite how the bubble tea was exceptional, I felt like the ice was a smidgen too overpowering and too abundant.


The main dishes were fairly light in terms of amount at first glance, but they are actually quite filling and affordable. My favourite was the popcorn chicken mainly due to the sauce and the simplicity of the concept. The two dishes I ordered were salt and pepper chicken wings and popcorn chicken (the menu had a different name for it, but if you ask for popcorn chicken they understand) For small get togethers with friends or quick dinners with immediate family, this place is perfect. Because of the convenience when eating, it’s very easy to have conversations while enjoying a meal. Bubble Mania’s service is also quick and the staff are fairly friendly. Despite being busy, each member caters to your needs as soon as possible.


Overall, Bubble Mania is a decent restaurant to visit. Both pleasing to the eye and competent in service, it is a great place to treat others and oneself. Next time, if you want to treat friends, Bubble Mania is the place to go 🙂


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