Youth Week: Cornerstone Music Café Live Music – May 2nd

Entrance to the café, located at: 139 14919 Deer Ridge Dr. S.E.

A combination of great food and tasteful music can brighten anyone’s day or simply fulfill a craving for some yummy handmade foods. Calgary’s Cornerstone Music Café offers this great experience to all who step foot inside. The cozy, laid back atmosphere an attraction for young hipsters and elderly couples alike, and aside from the affordable food items, the café also serves customers with the option of music lessons.


Note: Until May 3rd, youth will receive a 20% discount at the mention of “Youth Week”.

Cornerstone is also hosting a free, live music event on Saturday, May 2nd, 3:30-5:30 featuring local musician Dean Selby.


Photo taken from a previous Cornerstone “live music” show.


 Aside from these special events, Cornerstone has been a popular “everyday” café for many years now! Here are 8 reasons why: 

1. All menu items are of local grown, organic origins.

2. All menu items are 100% gluten free.

3. Soft, tasteful music is always playing in the background to complement whatever food or drink you’re enjoying.

4. They serve lunch and dinner, unlike most cafés which only have breakfast options.

5. Waiting times are very reasonable and never exceed a few minutes (at most).

6. Food prices are affordable. You actually get what you pay for.

7.  The current owners are a husband-wife duo. Sylvia handles the food, and Jim does the music – they’ve created a very homey and welcoming space for customers AND employees.

8. The featured “Creation of the Day” is always unique and delicious – Sylvia’s talents lend themselves to creative dishes.

Owner Sylvia Johnston would love to see more youth visiting the café, whether it’s to catch up on homework or hanging out with friends. But regardless of age, next time you’re in South Calgary, consider stopping by the cozy little shop, enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee, and join the Cornerstone family!

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