Calgary Stampede Food Binge 2015: Jurassic Pork Mac ‘n Cheese

This edition of Calgary Stampede Food Binge 2015: Jurassic Pork Mac ‘n Cheese. Last year, I had the experience (I can really only describe it as such) of trying the Million Dollar Baby Mac n’ Cheese from Reel Mac ‘n Cheese and this year, I was back for more.

The┬áJurassic Pork Mac ‘n Cheese is Reel Mac and Cheese‘s famous macaroni topped with pulled pork and crispy onions. At $12, it was reasonably priced and although the serving may appear small, don’t be fooled: myself and someone else shared it and it was quite enough for both of us. The macaroni base was perfect in every way; the pasta was cooked well, not to hard, not overdone, the sauce was creamy and cheesy without being too salty (which is a common problem that I’ve found among cheese sauces). Now, I can saw with confidence that I love pulled pork but I don’t know if I would have ever put on macaroni and cheese. Best. Idea. Ever. The tangier sauce of the pork was cut by the milder flavour of the macaroni and wasn’t too overwhelming.

For what it lacks in beauty, it more than makes up for in taste.

Last year, a long line and a specialty order had me waiting for my food for almost ten minutes. This year, I was in and out of line in about a minute and a half, no lie. Perhaps I came at a slower time, but judging by the small mob that had gathered around the truck, I’m not so sure. Whatever the case, the service this year and speed thereof was far superior to last year.

All in all, this was some pretty amazing mac ‘n cheese. The difference between this year and last for me personally was the serving size and value. Last year’s specialty toppings hiked up the price when this year, simpler seems better and thus less than half the price. I would wholeheartedly recommend this dish to anyone. If it doesn’t seem quite like your cup of tea, Reel Mac ‘n Cheese offers a whole menu of other options which are equally satisfying. Happy eating!

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