Video of the Day: Power Posing

Ever have those moments right before you go into something nerve-wracking, an interview or perhaps the first day of work? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt uncomfortable prior to going into something like that, and in times like those, you just wish you could have a cure-all fix that will make you move beyond your doubts and most importantly, FEEL great. I was introduced to the concept of “power posing” in my Professional Development in the Arts class, and as artists, confidence is often a major deciding factor between a mediocre performance and a great one. The concept is simple: by holding “powerful” postures for a few seconds before heading into something stressful, you will feel more confident, and your body’s chemistry will even reflect that. Check out the Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business School social psychologist, for more information about it and the science behind it below:

Not convinced? Try it the next time you could use a confidence boost. I definitely have used this tip to my advantage and I suggest everyone give it a chance! You’ve got nothing to lose.


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