Czech Republic Food Post! (Do not read if you are hungry!)

I feel like I need to do a new introduction.. Its been so long!

Hi! I’m Roman, I recently went to the Czech Republic in Europe.  We went to all sorts of cities in the Czech and ate all sorts of delicious food! I have made a little food review on the foods I had a chance to take a picture of!


Crapes! -RV

About: Oh my… Crepes are the best thing you’ll EVER have! They’re tasteful, sweet, light… everything you can ask for in a delicious dessert! Mmmmmm! The texture is kinda like a light pancake (Which it basically is)! With melted chocolate and caramel, crepes are the ideal dessert/snack I’d have.


Review: A rate /10:  I’d give it a… 9.5! Like I mentioned above, they’re perfect. Quick, yummy, small. The best ever! Yes, yes. You may have had Crepes in your local restaurant, but not with all freshly made Czech ingredients (non processed).. It was an experience that can never be relived again!


Salad w/ Chicken -RV


About: This was a little garden salad at a local family restaurant in the NW side of Prague (Also know as Hostivař (Pronounced Host-Vi-Sa-Sh-Ka). It had mainly green peppers, yellow peppers, red peppers, onion and tomatoes, with some lettuce at the bottom. Crunchy, fresh, cold. Classic salad. I guess it’s a thing serving it with garlic bread. I’ve never seen it before but I’m not complaining personally. The sauce was a normal, kinda garlicky tomato dressing. Same thing you’d see in a garden salad here in Calgary.

Review: A rate outa 10: it would be like a 7? The chicken was supper peppery and there was way too much of the dressing as well. It was all fresh but at the end of the day the presentation was good!


Risotto w/ steak -RV


About: Risotto with steak, classic Risotto, never had tried before  this day. Basically rice with some seasoning and a lot of rice, with a Medium Rare steak on top. Nothing too exiting, other than it being my first Risotto. Then the pink drink on the side is an in-house made lemonade (Strawberry); super good, sweet, sour, strawberry like.


Review: Rate would be a 6/10 it wasn’t my favourite.. It just tasted plain. Even the steak was off- meat in Czech Republic is not as good in Alberta. The lemonade was good. Like I said above, sweet, sour, strawberry like. Nothing too special.





About: Spaghetti! My favourite food of all time! This was one of the best foods I have ever had, other than Boston Pizza Spaghetti with their in-house Fifty-50 sauce. Mmmmh! It was like any Spaghetti but.. THAT SAUCE THOUGH!!! It was so saucy and with the cheese made it soooo cheesy! (Haha, get it?) The marinara sauce in Europe is actually outstanding. What made it even better was that I had it on a long distance train heading too Brno (Small town in Czech Republic) and it was just so good.

Review: Rate.. 9/10! Full of flavour and the sauce… THAT SAUCE THOUGH!!! Just it was beautiful




Well, before I make you go starving.. That was my semi post.. If you’d like to see more, you can find more on my Twitter (YAARomanV) so be sure to check that out.

All the food was great and I am glad to be back for this year at YAA!

Hope you solved your hunger cravings now.

-Roman Vomacka

Twitter Handle – YAARomanV or romandvomacka


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