All the Ways to Cook Eggs (Part 1)

You'd be surprised at all the different ways that you can do so.

I know that this isn’t the typical post that you would find on YAA, but I was truly inspired to do this. I woke up in the morning and I had to make myself some breakfast. Since it was the weekend, I decided to try and make some eggs. But I wanted something extraordinary, something unique that could be made using eggs. And so I took to the Internet. I was fascinated by all the different ways that eggs could be made, and the inner foodie within me came out. I actually ended up running out of time due to my perusing through recipes and I ate some simple milk and cereal instead. Here’s some of the amazing recipes that I found online for eggs.


Scrambled eggs are one of the most classic ways that you can cook eggs. It’s incredibly easy to do as well: you just crack some eggs into a bowl, whisk them, scramble them in the pan, and then you season them. Classic. Can’t go wrong.

However, you can take it over-the-top; just take a look at how Gordon Ramsay makes scrambled eggs:


Sunny-Side Up

These are really simple eggs to make, but if done right, they can truly taste like a delicacy. The trick is to get the yolk in the center done just right: not too runny, not overcooked. I’ve been making these for as long as I can remember, and this recipe is probably the best combination of simplicity and taste:


Hardboiled Eggs

Hardboiled eggs are probably the easiest to cook. All you do is stick them into a boiling pot of water, and you take them out after a couple minutes. Depending on how well done you want the yolk to be, you can leave them in the pot for a shorter or longer duration.

You can also make hardboiled eggs have a lot of special flavours. One traditional Chinese way of eating hardboiled eggs is to crack the eggshells and add them to boiled tea. That way, the flavour of the tea can get into the eggs. These “tea eggs” are great to have with other Asian foods, and they can serve as a standalone snack on road trips or while travelling.



While everything else mentioned so far has just been purely eggs, omelettes incorporate many different flavours into the egg. Want chives? Just add them. Looking for a zesty taste? Dice up some tomatoes. There’s so many ways to personalize omelettes, it’s really quite impressive.

I’ve added a video below, which shows the “tea egg” and an omelette made with lobster. In addition, there’s a third recipe, a truffle egg. It’s really satisfying to watch the yolk of the egg just being cracked open, and all that gooey goodness just flowing out.


This is only part 1 of how to cook eggs, due to all the different types that there are! Next time, I’ll write about some more recipes, like eggs benedict and poached eggs, and maybe even include a video of me trying to cook eggs myself!



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