Neighbourhood poutine from the Family Fry Guy

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On the same Sunday when I went to Shogun Teppanyaki Grill, I also went and ordered poutine from the Family Fry Guy when 4 food trucks went to Otafest this year. Cheese curds…..mmm……

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FFGTruck 2



Being the mascot of the food truck, the specialty is of course on everything fries! I ordered poutine with their option of melty cheese versus the traditional curds; it was cheesy, but yet it wasn’t. (I’ll let you decipher the pun there :P)




Very cheesy! :P

For $7,  there were certainly quite a bit of poutine filling the box and my stomach. The box seemed to have an everlasting supply of fries for a while. (This definitely counts as a large size to me……..No, I should’ve just kept this as a secret so you’d get this pleasant surprise.)

And the cheese….. I’m completely done with the traditional cheese curds now. (Don’t hate me if you like poutine the way it is!)


The Family Fry Guy has became an instant favorite. The ratings are coming your way:

Service – 5/5 – Excellent service! :)

Food – 4/5 – The poutine themselves were amazing, but I wished there were a bit more of a selection on their menu. They are the Family FRY Guy though, after all. The cheesy cheese were a great example of how creativity was introduced!

Value – 4/5 –  There was a LOT of poutine.

Location  (what, location?)   Food truck character and design – 5/5 –  I enjoyed all the ways the fries were “dressed up”!

As per my Twitter bias, their Twitter account is @FamilyFryGuy! Hey Seph, you better invite them next year!





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2 Responses to Neighbourhood poutine from the Family Fry Guy

  1. Daphne says:

    Wentao!!! Traditional curds are Holy!
    Also, go to the Waffles and Chix truck sometime.
    I love poutine.

    • Wentao says:

      Daphne, I love mah’ cheesy curds kay?
      I will! Looks like nobody has done a review on it so it’s just a matter of time before I will hunt them down!
      POUTINE <3

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