Being Gay

It means we're a part of a community.

I’m controversial, not because I decided to be because I was blessed

Choose your words wisely

Be careful, for blessed rhymes with depressed

Because someone like me is unlikely


A censored topic among many

Rainbows turned grey

Can’t you just spare a penny?

For this kind of castaway will walk the streets because they are gay


25-40% of homeless youth in both Canada and America identify as LGBT

We make up around 10 percent of the population

Do the math and see

See that we have not reached equality


In the hallways of our schools

We are painted in red

In bolded words underlined in red ink blare out discriminatory terms

We are reminded of those who died in a pool of crimson


For they did not wish to be apart of our rainbow either

They were depressed and walked off bridges, ate pills, drank toxins

Some were executed, beaten to death, and murdered

We live with a remembrance related to fear


Even if the outside world seems to be against us

We have each other

We go through the same struggles

We all bleed red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple


This island of misfit toys finds comfort in each other

The LGBT community will always grow stronger and gain more support through allies and members

Marriage equality seemed impossible years ago, now the idea grows and grows

Rows and rows of happy couples, wholesome families

Travel together happily


Reach out a helping hand and wave your rainbow flag high with pride

For each person who changes their mind is another stride

Another leap

Another Dream

To finally reach equality

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