Advice For Grade 10 Students

Here are some pointers on what to do and what not to do in your first year in high school.

Newly pulled into grade 11, I still remember a little too much about being in grade 10. A huge new school with absolutely no idea where to go or what I’m doing. Although, there are a bunch of things that made last year memorable, not only for being the first year of high school but for the people I met and the opportunities that were given. Here’s some advice for new high-schoolers:

  • Don’t stay quiet. Speak up right away in class, to not only the teacher but the other students. Don’t be overly cocky with it, just strike a conversation with someone next to you or nearby and when the teacher asks a question, don’t hesitate to give your answer. You’ll find it easier to do the more you do it.
  • Be extremely careful going up and down stairs (Especially if your school is anything like mine during class change time.) This one sounds stupid but I cannot stress this enough. Look where you’re going. I get that you can finally look at your phone without hiding it behind a book or under your desk but you have no idea how many times I’ve fallen into someone from not paying attention and missing a step.
  • Analyse your teacher. Within the walls of high school, a bigger variation of teachers lay, a lot more than your middle school teachers. They all have different ways of teaching and because you’re in high school now, a lot of them tend to not have filters and will not hesitate to argue with you. Find out how your teacher is during the first few weeks of class. See if they’re the type who want to be argued with to stress a point or if it’s one of the classes you should stay quiet unless you have a question.
  • Join a club, athletic team, or theatre! Find the group of people you can really connect with because of your personal interests. You’ll regret not taking these opportunities.
  • Stay on top of your stuff. Even though something is due next week, get it done as soon as possible. Homework quickly piles up and you’ll soon find yourself drowning.
  • Being “popular” isn’t important. Don’t put your everything in being seen as one of the popular kids. It won’t even matter in a few years. Find a group of friends you love and you’ll be just as happy.
  • ¬†Make a group of friends in each class! You’ll feel a lot happier about going to classes if you have a group to talk to.
  • Make a route to class. Make sure you know your way to each class by having a specific route down. That way time won’t be wasted on roaming the halls.
  • Last but not least, do not stop in the middle of the hall during class changes. Worst idea. You’ll get a lot of people annoyed and you could quite possibly be pushed off to the side. If you’re lost, step away from oncoming¬†traffic to figure it out.


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