Inspiring Fashion Fears: PARKSHOW 2017

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
~Oscar Wilde

As time evolves, so do we and so does our style. I for one, no longer wear my neon pink crop top from middle school or those hippie headbands from the early 2000’s. My wardrobe tends to have a variety of subtle colours with pops of red, blue, and purple. My taste in fashion is constantly evolving with me, as I continue forth on my own journey. And my inspiration? Well I tend to enjoy indulging in the creativity of the fashion gurus to guide me through my constantly varying interest in trends that work for my body, my personality, and my comfort.

On the other hand, I’m also an artist craving innovation and seeking out what’s unique in the world around me — my tolerance for risk tends to be quite high alongside my passion for recreating who I am. The adrenaline attached to triumphing a fashion fear is an ecstasy like no other. You can feel your mind being stretched out in a million directions as you think to yourself, “Do I look okay?” or “Is this too scandalous?” or even better “Do I look hot?”

But once you gain the confidence you need, it’s like you’re worth a million dollars and you’re almost okay with being self-obsessed for the day. Let’s be real, you know the feeling, when you check yourself out in every mirror you see or flip your hair vicariously while batting your eyelashes at the cute guy across you (or yourself in the mirror.) It’s a form of healthy self-flattery for the day, right? Yes of course!

But where does one even find the inspiration to indulge in a fashion fear? Well, it is all about scoping out the right opportunities to indulge in the beauty of creativity. PARKSHOW 2017, is an annual night of culture celebrating fashion, music, and art. It’s my night to dress up, enjoy the company of other art lovers, and be inspired by the creativity of others. This season PARKSHOW will be a weekend long event May 26th-28th, featuring the Market during the day and the Fashion Shows in the evening. The Market will consist of the works from Canadian designers — it’s a great time to get a feel for their collections and purchase any pieces that catch your eye. And the fashion show, well that is where the magic of innovation comes to life, as the models walk the runway in collections manifesting a story unique to each designer.

PARKSHOW is the perfect weekend out to cultivate a new sense of style, find a new fashion muse that fits your current state of mind, or to find your own fashion fear and pursue it.

The Featured Designers are:

  • LUXX Ready to Wear & Indicity
  • S.P. Badu
  • Alex S. Yu
  • House of Nonie
  • Urbanovitch
  • U.N.I. Co
  • Seed
  • Malika Rajani
  • Lennard Taylor
  • Kate Hewko
  • YEAR of the RAM
  • Suka Clothing
  • Gypsy Soul
  • Rad Hourani

To learn more about the designers visit the PARKSHOW 2017 website and explore the artists’ worlds of creativity for yourself! The show will be taking place at Yellow Warehouse in Inglewood this year, if you’re interested in attending, buy your tickets here!

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