It’s ok, I’ll do it tomorrow

The “I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality is something that all of us are familiar with, but why? We’ve all heard it multiple times that we should always always always focus on the now. Yet we all know, it’s not that easy. The thing about tomorrow is that it makes the perfect excuse for everything and, there’s no guilt involved.

It’s like this: procrastination is putting things off when you know you should be doing them now. Feelings of guilt are associated. With tomorrow, you’re putting off things that have a longer deadline (like a long term project) or perhaps no deadline at all (like finding a job) and there’s no sense of guilt. You know that tomorrow is close and whatever you’re planning to do tomorrow isn’t exactly urgent.


When it is. There’s a certain extent to which you can put something off until it reaches a point of procrastination. Moreover, you can argue that doing things tomorrow is already considered procrastination. That’s fair. Moving on from the rhetoric blabble, let’s define tomorrow.

Tomorrow (in actual terms): the day following today; on the morrow

Tomorrow (in metaphorical terms- there were a bunch so I picked out the one that matched this blog specifically): A mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.

What really resonates with me about the topic of doing things tomorrow is that tomorrow is a place that holds the ideal version of ourselves, our lives and our world. Tomorrow has everything that we want but what happened with today? You have so many resources at your disposal, why is it so hard to attain what’s left for tomorrow, today? The difference is carrying through with your actions.

Honestly, to get your ideal you, life or world, it’s up to you to take the first step (sorry if this is starting to sound like a parental lecture). What I’ve written is all stuff you’ve heard at some point in time. I just want to remind you that whatever you’ve left for tomorrow is already waiting for you today.

Actual definition of tomorrow

Metaphorical definition of tomorrow

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