Language is Beautifully Destructive

There are certain things you can say to a person that would break them.

It’s a sort of code, a password

Before you speak make sure what you want to say is absolute

A simple strand of letters creates phrases and words

You can never take back a bullet once you shoot

Hold back the trigger before firing

To you, they’re just words

But words are the product of mass wiring

They’re a memory

A harmony of breaking points

Pointed at a specific weakness intended to create mayhem

Emotions and self-control at constant war

One fumble can leave everlasting chaos

Be careful, a single pull and the gun goes off


A simple serrated sound


I told you not to


I’ll feel this tomorrow


Blood seeps from the wound

Maybe I can cover it up with lies saying I’m fine

Bandages saying what you told me


My body says to run, but the brain cells in my mind go blank

They fade off into a type of limbo

The flashback of being thrown into a clatter of gravity

Little edges of reality


Scars heal, but words can grow like extra limbs

They’re beautiful in their own way, but they don’t belong there

Shooting aimlessly is a plain waste of your voice

Instead of bringing others down to make yourself seem strong you can turn your words around

Make them positive

Re-correct them into wonderful works of activism

Whether you decide which way the wind will run

Use your voice with pride and joy

Not anger or spite

Your vocal cords were not intended to be used as toys

If your voice moves differently then use your hands and get them dirty

There’s power in your arms and show passion with your movement

Sign language, body language

Use them correctly

Use them wisely


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