A Lesson of Heartbreak

To a night owl

When a fellow night owl asks you to sneak out with him

Say no

When your friends ask you if you snuck out with him

Say you would never and change the topic


When the night owl you’re falling for asks you if you’re scared

Tell him the truth

Let him hold you close until the sunrise comes and you have to depart ways

Wait with him and wither the time away


The hours extend from 12 am to 4 am

At 4 it’s time to leave

You say goodbye and hope you can be friends

If your heart says to stay put and try again

Stab it until it stops beating


After he spreads rumors about you

Block him on social media and look the other way

Don’t make him unhappy, make him feel like he did the right thing


Even if you do miss what you had

Even if you still want him back

Stop looking at his perfect eyes, wonderful smile, and horrible fashion choices


You fell in too deep

You lost yourself in him and you two were unrecognizable


Listen to your mind

If you want the best for him

Don’t push it

Let him inhale and exhale without you there


If you go back to him it becomes a cycle of hurt

Neverending until you hate each other

You don’t want that and you know what to do


When he walks back into your life, walk away

You might be sad, but soon you’ll be happy you let him go

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