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After reading Richie’s blog post about Saying “Hello” In 10 different languages, I’ve decided to look up those three tender words that should be nearly universal: I love you.

And with the holidays coming up, I thought, why not spread the love? Yes I know, it’s not December yet. I don’t care! I love Christmas and giving and love and everything :)

Anyway, that’s beside the point. I found a German artist named Bodo Wartke who created a song named Liebeslied (meaning love song) which consists of the pronunciation of “I love you” in 60 different languages. Although it’s a bit rough, he attempted to sing in the popular languages around the world! Specifically in the English translation, he sings “I want to sing in every language for you, baby. And play on every instrument to say these words to you; Believe me it is true, I love you.”

[youtube ZOb0bErcDyg]

He also has a website (in German unfortunately) and this part of the website translates the words in different languages. So you can send your friends an “I love you” in a language you’ve always yearned to learn, or a language that they’ve wanted to learn.

And since I can’t read German, TheAntiChrysler made a compilation of Wartke’s love generator as well!

[youtube V-kuYECp8XM]

[youtube r7fVmOSSgmQ]


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