Michaelle Jean visits Calgary

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How many of you are involved in arts and culture? And how many of you believe your involvement with the arts can change the world? Well, Michaelle Jean came to Calgary on Nov 17 to talk to youth who are involved in the arts. It was a great opportunity for Michaelle Jean to realize how arts and culture influences every individual. We met at the Mission Cliff Bungalow Arts Centre, which is conveniently beside Western Canada High School. This is an arts center open every Friday from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. to allow youth to share their talents in the arts. At the event, we had a diverse group of youth attend: homeless children who wrote poems in their spare time, volunteers for different organizations that help others in the arts and people who travel worldwide to share their talent. All these people had something different to offer and each individual proved to Michaelle Jean how involved Calgary is and how many opportunities we have for people who want to get involved. Michaelle Jean has created a website called fmjf.ca, which stands for Fondation Michaelle Jean Foundation.

This is a great example of how media can affect people’s views on life and their passion. If youth are given the confidence to join an activity in the arts, this website is a great way to get them involved. This is also a great website for people who are involved in the arts to communicate with people with the same talent/passion.



Hi! I'm Sheliza and I currently go to Western Canada High School. I love to Bollywood dance, wrestle and to write poems! :) I hope to become an inspirational speaker when I grow up. Hope you enjoy my posts.
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