On This Mother’s Day

At one point in each and every single one of our lives, we’ve all taken our mothers for granted. Whether it’s forgetting to say a quick, “love you!” before heading off to school or, “thanks!” for doing something, it’s happened, and none of us can deny it.

Mother’s day isn’t about how you wish your mum or honouring the good parts about her. It’s about who your mum is and how she’s affected you and your life.

Our mothers are the reason we are all alive today, and our mothers are the first people we see when we come into the world.

My mother is the reason I am who I am today, and I will forever be thankful that I have someone like her in my life.

To my lovely mum:


Today is your day. Today is your day because you make the other 364 days in the year my day. You selflessly care for me in a way only a mother could, and I owe everything to you for that.

As the world celebrates the strong women in their lives that have impacted them, I look to you because you are always someone worthy of celebrating.

It’s hard to put my feelings into words because describing what you have done for me is beyond words.

I know I can be frustrating. In fact, sometimes I even frustrate myself.

Thank you for putting up with me through all the stupid things I do, no matter what.

Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is.

Thank you for being someone I can talk to. Something not many people can say is “I tell my mother everything,” but I can.

Thank you for putting up with my weird obsessions (*cough* One Direction *cough*). It’s probably just a phase, like all the other weird obsessions.

Thank you for going out of your way to make sure I am happy. This year especially, I’ve felt more down than happy, but my happiness is because of you.

Thank you for the rides to school when I miss my bus because I took too long with my hair.

Thank you for caring about me.

Basically, mum, I just really love you. A lot. So I’m also sorry for all the times I’ve forgotten to show you I love you. Because yes, today is mother’s day, but really, every day is mother’s day, because someone like you deserves to be celebrated and loved all the time.

You’re my favourite person in the world, and even though we do have our time to time disagreements, it doesn’t change the fact that you are the most solid relationship in my life.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

– Bhavana ♡

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