Nutrition Is Essential In Weight Change

Many individuals trying to attain their ideal physique like the “Dorito shape” for men or a relatively slim and curvy figure for women generally approach it in the wrong manner. The media and advertisements have given the misconception that physical activity is the most vital aspect in achieving your fitness goals. This ad from Coca-Cola states that Coca-Cola is “Helping families get fit.” High amounts of sugar have been known to be a leading cause of obesity, while this ad from Coca-Cola says otherwise. However, whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, nutrition should be what you focus on the most, as nobody can outwork a bad diet.

Find your Caloric Intake

Calories are consumed by our bodies for energy and calculating the amount required by your body on an average day will help us determine how much calories you need to gain or lose weight. Calorie calculators only require your age, weight, height and other basic information to calculate a rough estimate of the amount of calories required to have your body function properly. Knowing the general amount of calories required by your body will allow for you to find your caloric surplus and caloric deficit which will help you achieve your fitness goals. For example, if you were trying to lose weight and your body required 2500 calories a day not only would you have to exercise, but your caloric intake would have to be below 2500 for efficient and optimal results and vice versa for trying to gain weight.

Basic Understanding of Calories in a variety of foods

We all understand that junk food is bad for you from the high cholesterol or the high amounts of sugar and salt found in these types of foods. Generally, junk foods particularly that Big Mac you enjoy indulging every week contains 520 calories. In order to burn all those calories, one needs to perform around 45 minutes of cardio or around 65 minutes of intense weightlifting. Next time you want to eat one of your guilty pleasures you might want to rethink your decisions and cook your own meal at home. However, consuming some of your favorite junk foods occasionally is not bad for you. Eating natural foods such as vegetables and fruits may be the better option as they are low in calories and contain many micro-nutrients, therefore you can consume more and feel more satisfied than consuming foods high in calories.

Consuming foods high in calories is not bad for you if you regulate the amount and have breaks in between. The objective of this post was to make others more aware of what they are consuming and how it dictates whether they can achieve their fitness goals. Although exercise is important, nutrition is much more important than physical activity. It is much more plausible and realistic to not consume one of your favourite meals than to spend hours performing some intensive physical activity.

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