Personality Test

What food type are you?

You’re more complex than four letters, and five questions. Love yourself. This quiz is made purely for childish enjoyment.

What are you like at school?

a. You don’t mind people around you, but you still love your alone time. You have one or two close friends, and you don’t open up about your personal life. However, you love to solve complex problems and the library is a fun place to be.

b. You feed honest compliments to others all the time and you help that one person who may have dropped their binder, even though it’s cutting into your lunch time.

c. You surround yourself with many people and detest being alone.

d. You prefer to stay to yourself, and you don’t usually start conversations. But, if someone needs assistance, you’ll help them out.

You try to sort out your e-mail inbox, your room, and your work area because…

a. You cannot stand messiness, and need order at all times in your life. You have to have absolute control over all matters.

b. Why not? It’ll make everything easier.

c. Your mum told you to do it, or your friends are coming over.

d. You do it because you don’t want to upset people, and you prefer neatness.

You feel that the world is based on compassion and generosity.

a. The smart succeed, and the compassionate are left behind. You can be generous, but not all the time.

b. To an extent. There are other things that the world runs on, but compassion is significant. I want to lead incredible change, while helping people. I think a lot about mankind.

c. I guess. I don’t really think about it.

d. Yes, what else could it be based on?

Your friend is telling a joke, and everyone around you laughs. What do you do?

a. If it’s funny, you’ll crack a smile and laugh decently. If it’s not funny, you won’t say anything, but still smile their way. It depends on the situation, but you always have to be perfect.

b. It’ll most likely be funny, and I’ll laugh. I wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings.

c. I’ll laugh because I don’t want to be left out. I’m popular so I have to keep up appearances, and I might even throw in another joke.

d. I love my friends, so I’ll laugh. I don’t talk much anyways, and probably won’t say anything after it. Generally, my friends and I are quiet.

Which one of the following describes you best?

a. You cannot resist an intellectual challenge, and have a way with words. You work hard, and you look at problems from different angles.

b. You are full of passion and want to work for the greater good of the world. You aren’t particularly attached to money, and you love those close to you dearly. You would do anything to protect them.

c. You do things just because you’re curious, and bored. You often stay up late with friends, and you’re the life of the party.

d. You don’t work well under pressure, and you’d rather stay quiet than say anything. You are creative.

If most of your choices are an (a), then you’re a vegetable: assertive, organized, on-task, extroverted debaters, who have a plan for absolutely everything but are unable to deal with criticism. They are on a quest for knowledge, and love to prove others wrong when given the opportunity. (This one is me! Which one are you?)
If you chose mainly (b), then you’re a fruit. This is my personal favourite: extraordinarily loving, kind, poetic, charismatic leaders, who are eager to help. You’re going to change the world someday.
For all of you who chose (c) for most of the questions, you’re meats: bold, curious thinkers, popular, athletic, energetic, and spontaneous individuals, who are always ready to explore. Way to go!
Lastly, for those who chose (d) as their most popular choice, you are a dairy product: innocent introverts, who are diplomatic, guided by feelings and principles, and loyal listeners. You can always be relied upon.

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