Comic of the Day: Dalai Lama answers a question

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  • Dalai Lama portrays human loss and torment sometimes with pathos, but more often with wisdom like sunbeam piercing through the haze in the deep mountains of southern Tibet he knew so well. But what does his Holiness, who had sworn vows of celibacy, know about the sacrifices a father makes for his family? The pursuit of happiness is equally, if not more cherishable, as happiness itself. Dad doesn’t NEED to dedicate himself to his work, he WANTS to, because knowing that the morning sun to Yelda will shine for his family is worth his sacrifices. So dad doesn’t live as if he is never going to die, he lives as if he has never done quite enough for the ones he love. On that June Sunday, perhaps fathers can find peace of mind better than the peace his Holiness will ever find in his remote temple, knowing that their devotions were not in vain.

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