Photo of the Week: Dusk in Downtown Vancouver

For this Photo of the Week, I decided to share one of my personal favourites that I’ve taken. Last summer, when my family from New Delhi was visiting, we decided to take them on a trip to Vancouver. Since there were a bunch of us, we stayed in this really old, really cool, Victorian style house rather than a hotel (Airbnb type of situation). At first, I was not the biggest fan because you know, air conditioning is dear to my heart, I am very suspicious of houses with creepy attics, and I just wasn’t used to the musky, woody, smell that all older establishments seem to have. But once I got over myself and my first world problems, I actually started to love the look and feel of this style of home. In one of the rooms they had even added this more modern contrast of a spray painted mural of the Vancouver skyline. So one evening, after a long day of gallivanting around Victoria, while my Grandpa took a nap, and my dad had gone out to get everyone some food, all the women in my family gathered in this room and we just had a lovely time discussing life and other matters, laughing and chatting away until sunset. From the window we had such a gorgeous view of downtown as well as the onset of dusk, and even now this photo makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and content. What’s a photo that brings you that feeling?


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