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For a lot of people, podcasts are what they listen to keep up to date with the news or to learn more about certain things; topics that are all factual. The world of fiction podcasts is something that not a lot of people know about. But they are definitely out there and are just as interesting.

The first podcast I ever listened to was recommended to me by a friend and coincidentally enough it was fiction. Because of that, I assumed all podcasts were like this. Imagine a TV show, whichever genre, tailored so that you don’t need to watch it, all you have to do is listen. I was actually quite surprised when I came to the realization that not all podcasts are fiction, and in reality, the majority are quite factual. Now don’t get me wrong, I do listen to quite a lot of podcasts that are factual (most being true crime centered), but fiction podcasts will always have a soft spot in my heart. Though they tend to be seen as cringy, or hard to follow along with, once you really get into it, these types of podcasts can be something that’ll be quite amusing to listen to. With that, I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite fiction podcasts. I would recommend to try out at least one to see if they’re something for you.

  1. The Bright Sessions

Therapy For The Strange And Unusual

The Bright Sessions created, written, and directed by Lauren Shippen, (who also voices one of the main characters) is a sci-fi-drama podcast that’ll hook you with its intriguing plot line. This podcast (formatted as audio notes) follows a group of patients of Dr. Joan Bright; patients who have the abilities of an atypical. Dr. Bright voice records her therapy sessions with her patients and that’s how we manage to follow the plot. Her patients have unique supernatural abilities such as time traveling, mind-reading, feeling other people emotions, and mind control. The Bright Sessions is so much more than just recordings of therapy sessions, there’s a story behind every thing and the voice ends up changing the perspective every once in a while as you progress through the podcast.  With a secret hiding behind Dr. Bright’s intentions (in which you’ll get from her mysterious tone straight away), you’ll feel compelled to want to keep listening.

2. The Black Tapes 

Do you believe?

The Black Tapes is a serialized narrative (created by Paul Bae and Terry Miles) that follows an investigative journalist, Alex Reagan as she researches the truth about Dr. Strand, a skeptic who believes there’s a scientific explanation for all supernatural occurrences. He is known for being able to explain (almost) all exorcisms to ghost sightings.  Dr. Strand, the founder of the Strand Institute, has tapes of supernatural instances he cannot explain called The Black Tapes (hence the title). Throughout the podcast Alex Reagan investigates them, and we learn more about Dr. Strand and the mysteries that lie between his own personal family life and the black tapes. A very intriguing podcast for anybody with a niche for the supernatural and paranormal culture.

3. The 36 Questions

Experiment Of Interpersonal Closeness

The Two-Up production company gives us a new endearing concept; The 36 Questions is the musical podcast that is sure to give you more than what you usually expect. It follows a couple whose marriage is on the line due to a huge consequential lie. The couple tries to revive their marriage and gain back the trust lost by answering the 36 questions, a study designed to make strangers fall in love. Each song is extremely catchy and follows the story plot. A musical with no set, lights, and costumes but just music, voices and some sound effects. You’re listening in on voice recordings of a couple’s attempt at making it work. Tears, fights, and all. It’s a must listen for anybody who loves musicals and is ready to try a new type.

4. LimeTown 

What happened to the people of LimeTown?

Another podcast following an investigative journalist. This time, Lia Haddock from American Public Radio looks into one of America’s biggest mysteries (Keep in mind these podcasts are completely fictional). 10 years before the timeframe of this podcast, the citizens of a small town in Tennessee, named LimeTown, disappear and are never heard from again until Lia Haddock starts her story. She’s soon contacted by mysterious survivors who everyone assumed were dead. She embarks on multiple meetings, despite the wishes of the company she reports for, in search of an answer.”What happened to the people of LimeTown?”

5. Kakos Industries

Do Evil Better

At Kakos Industries, the company strives to do evil better. Corin Deeth III (also the main character) is the CEO of the industry and gives corporate announcements to his shareholders via strange broadcasting tools. Knowing this, the podcast is formatted like a radio show, similar to Welcome To NightVale (another podcast to definitely check out!). Although please be advised this is definitely an R rated podcast. The writer, Conrad Miszuk, who also voices Corin Deeth III and takes care of the music alongside editing every episode, has managed to be extremely satirical in his announcements. With little sub plots, intriguing characters, and just the overall curiosity of what’s going to happen next, this podcast is one of my favorites and should definitely be given a shot by anybody who understands satire and loves dark humor.

In the end, all fiction podcasts bring something new for the listener. You should really give it a go if these podcasts intrigued you in any way. For those of you who don’t listen to podcasts, this is a great way to start. Podcasts are free on iTunes and other apps (for those of you without an Apple phone/iPod) like Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud and Google Play Music.




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