Riverdale: A Review

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve probably watched or heard of a show called “Riverdale.” It’s streaming on Netflix and has caught the attention of quite a large audience. 


Riverdale is based on the Archie Comics (hence the name) so all the characters featured in the show are the same as the comics… but with a little twist. 

See you have your leading boy: Archie Andrews played by the talented KJ Apa. He portrays a construction worker’s son whose mind tells him to play football but his heart tells him to play music. Though as cute and innocent as he might seem, there may be a few mysteries behind that sweet smile of his. 


Next up we’ve got Betty Cooper. Riverdale’s sweetheart. Which is true for the most part. Lili Reinhart shows amazing acting talent as Betty Cooper: writer, detective and smartest girl ever. Don’t be fooled by her bright eyes and cute hair, there could be something dark behind that perfectionist grin. 


Veronica Lodge. Goals, am I right? Props to the Casting directors for choosing Camilla Mendes for this role because she kills it as Veronica. Veronica is just as she seems. Beautiful, confident, prestigious and believe or not, the nicest girl. But instead of being Betty’s frienemy in competition for Archie like the comics, in Riverdale, Veronica lodge is the daughter of a rich (imprisoned) businessman from New York. Flawless outfits with matching bags and accessories, what’s not to love about this new Veronica? She’s just as new to this as you! Having just moved Riverdale, Veronica has to find out little by little the secrets hidden within this small town. 


Jughead Jones. Writer. Narrator. “Weirdo.” Played by the one and only, Cole Sprouse. Jughead Jones goes from not to hot! Mysterious, quiet, artsy. Jughead Jones, are you what dreams are made of? But in this dark twist on the original comics, perhaps Jughead has a few secrets tucked under that hat of his… 


The story starts when the town’s all-star boy, Jason Blossom, was found shot dead in Sweet Water River. Archie and his friends find themselves tangled up in this murder mystery. Together and individually, they begin to find out bits and pieces of clues, getting one step closer to finding out what happened to Jason each time. Secrets will be revealed, backs will be stabbed, and jaws will definitely be dropped. 

I for one, am a HUGE fan of Riverdale. If Netflix hadn’t released an episode a week, I would’ve pulled an all-nighter finishing up the first season.  I am so addicted to this show, it’s kind of what keeps me going. The characters are so interesting and full of secrets I’m still waiting to find out, the plot is captivating yet not too complicated that you couldn’t keep up and the filming is SO GOOD. I love how every episode I learn something new about each character, looking past the tip of the iceberg. These characters have so much more backstory than you can imagine. Is Betty Cooper just a perfectionist with a strict mom? Is Jughead Jones just an artsy white boy? Is Archie Andrews just a simple redhead with an easy life? Truth is, you never really know. This show keeps you guessing, it’s not predictable. 

Riverdale is a show 100% worth your time. I guarantee it will keep you on the edge of your seat. But be warned, once you start, you won’t stop until you’re finished. Never mind if it takes you all night, there’s no way you could stop watching. That’s right, it’s binge-worthy too. 

Suspense? Check. Mystery? Check. Romance? Check. Comedy? Check. The most gorgeous actors and actresses on earth? Check. Do not miss out on Riverdale! I’m ending this post right here so you get out of here and start watching RIVERDALE!!!!!

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