My Road Trip Playlist

My playlist is very varying I must say, so hopefully theres something on there that everyone can if not indulge but partially tolerate.


I hope there’s something new for you to try on here, or you can recognize a few of these songs. I have linked my Spotify road playlist, so give it a go if you want.

I kept a wide variation there for myself because I wanted there to be something for every mood and scene. There are some songs I listened to on the road, or just in my room at night. This playlist really defined my mood throughout the trip, which I guess was happy and just myself. Although I did listen to quite a bit of classical music, it was a mix from youtube that I was listening to.

This road trip made me realize how amazing jazz can be to listen to whilst on the road!

Hope you guys enjoy this playlist, let me know what you guys think about it and what songs you would add to it.

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