What Is This New Satisfying/ASMR Trend?

This is something you’ve probably seen all over the internet. Where people either play with slime or mix paint or cut kinetic sand.

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Those things are made to satisfy people and make them feel good, just like how these pictures make you feel good:


Like this jar of untouched peanut butter:


And this perfectly round burger bun:



Believe it or not, this is a real trend. People love the idea of satisfaction. I know at first it may seem weird, why would anyone watch someone play with slime or chop up a block of kinetic sand? I admit, it is strange, but oddly satisfying. Don’t hate it until you try it! It’s mainly the crunchy/sizzling sound it makes that grabs the viewer’s attention. It’s called ASMR which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and it’s used to relax people. ASMR videos usually consist of noises that are satisfying to hear such as scissors cutting paper or whispering. Personally my favourite videos are slime videos because of that crunching sound it makes. But there are many different types of satisfying videos out there and I assure you, you’ll probably be obsessed with them after you watch a couple.

Simply search up what you want to watch: asmr, slime, sand, etc. And if you want to try it out for yourself, feel free to make a batch of slime with these instructions!


-glue (base)

-foaming hand soap (texture)

-shaving cream (fluffiness)

-lotion (scent)

-activator (1 1/2 cups water + 1 tsp borax ) (liquid starch)


  1. Mix together first four ingredients**
  2. SLOWLY add your activator, if you add in too much at once, it could ruin your slime
  3. Once it hits your desired consistency, knead it with your hands until it all comes together
  4. Take a video of your slime and post it online!

**I didn’t put measurements for the rest because it’s up to you and how you want your slime to be. Add more glue to make more slime, more shaving cream to make it fluffier/stretchier and more activator to make it less sticky.

You can thank me later for introducing you to this awesome new trend 😉

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