Teppanyaki on the fly from the roving “Shogun”

Okay, it’s not quite what you’re thinking.


Yet it fits perfectly with the Japanese theme of Otafest (officially my favorite convention now, hehe).

Shogun Teppanyaki Grill was my lunch choice on the Sunday of that long weekend, partly because I didn’t have a volunteer shift that day (no free food), but mostly because four food trucks participating this year sounded exciting!

I also went to the Family Fry Guy which I will be doing a post on. Sorry Avatara :I

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The blue food truck’s exterior design was dominated by its own logo with a few touches of Japanese culture here and there.


Similar to other food trucks, the menu selection is relatively small, although it is decked out with some specialties that reflect the Japanese roots, including Gyoza (a Japanese derivative of potstickers if you will), Tohoyaki (octopus!), and Edamame.  Of course, Teppanyaki items including Sukiyaki, Teriyaki, and Yakisoba make their appearances as well.

Oh, and their Twitter account is @Shogungrill  (I told you I have a Twitter bias!)

See where all these “yaki”s come from? If you look at the etymology of all these terms, yaki (焼き) means grilled in Japanese. 🙂

And so that’s where we’re heading! It’s foooooood time.

Shogun Teriyaki Chicken! ($8)
And of course, my friend's lovely MELON BUN
And of course, my friend’s lovely MELON BUN 😀 ($2)

The Teriyaki chicken was quite good, but I feel that the portion is a bit small for the price. There isn’t much to really say about it since it didn’t leave surprises; at least it lived up to what it was. Perhaps a bigger portion or perhaps going at a different time would have helped?

Yet there was the melon bun that my friend had. I only had a little bite out of it, but I felt it was a much better buy. The bun was fluffy enough and the chocolate flavor….. 😀


I will venture out and check their menus more; I think this food truck has a lot of potential (like the melon bun) with its neat menu, but maybe the day I went was not the best day. The price for the rice I had didn’t exactly match the portions I received. This isn’t a disappointment though, however; maybe I will order more of their small items and not their entrees.


I’m going to a 5-point system since a 10-point is too broad for me.

Service – 4/5 – It was great and adequate.

Food – 4/5 – This is a balance between the Teriyaki and the Melon Bun.

Value – 3.5/5 – Mainly s bit lower due to their entree items.

Location  (what, location?)   Food truck character and design – 3.5/5 – I like the crashing waves if you ask me. (There is a lot of that in Japanese culture, right?)

Until the next time I come across Shogun again…


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