Six-Pack Short-Cut

I can eat fat, and lose fat at the same time? Whoa, tell me more! 

A strong core is essential for almost anything, whether it’s to feel good in your own skin or perform daily activities without a hassle. Regardless of whether you want a bad mood repellent to ease stress, want to feel confident and strut your way through your school hallways, or simply get healthier, we’re here to help. You’re not alone!

Tip #1: Sleep and Eat Healthy

Before we get started on the workout portion, did you know that sleep has a direct correlation to building abs? From personal experience, I can definitely say that getting at least eight to nine hours of decent sleep has given me more energy for my early morning workouts. Think of sleep as a recovery period for your body, where your body rests from the workouts of the day before and is all ready for the next day, performing at its optimum levels. Moreover, during this recovery period, your body produces muscle and allows for a high metabolic rate. How amazing is that? The entire time, your body is developing the human growth hormone more rapidly, and the significance of this hormone cannot be undermined. You need it for growth stimulation, cell reproduction, and so much more!

Did you know that sleep encourages better eating habits? Without this sleep, your body fails to produce enough leptin. And, personally, when I heard of the leptin hormone, I couldn’t care less, until I found out that this hormone has been stopping me from eating all the junk food I could possibly devour. Thank you, leptin! If you ever wake and want something sweet with carbs, lower leptin levels are probably the villains.  Oh, the dangers of not getting enough sleep!

Warning: Consuming too much water at a time will give you a belly ache! Ouch. 

  Eating well consistently is just as vital as getting proper sleep. I know ya’ll have heard this again and again, but aim to consume a gallon of water a day, spreading the amount out over time. Drink up!


Abs are made in the kitchen


Make sure you don’t have any caffeine after 6 in the evening, or try to avoid caffeine all together! I know it can be hard, especially with all those late nights studying, and procrastinating.  If you want to go a step further and don’t mind the smell of fish, make sure to include fish in your dinner. Not only will this trim fat from your diet, but it will provide you with omega fats that allow for a lean figure. And, who doesn’t want that? But, remember not to fry it in a ton of saturated fats. Yuck.

Next is protein. It’ll keep your metabolism rate high, prevent lean muscle mass loss and don’t even bother stressing about feeling hungry afterwards. You’re going to be losing fat and building muscle at the same time. Another incredible benefit of lean poultry? It burns calories by almost 35%.

Oh, and don’t forget about your fat intake. I know what you’re thinking, and don’t you dare reach towards your pantry for another packet of chips. Nope, I’m not talking about chips or a bucket of delicious, marvelous, and oh so yummy chocolate ice-cream. Your safest bet is to finish light at the end of the day, and consume olive oil, peanut oil, nuts and avocado throughout the day. Remember to eat in moderation. Too much of anything is terrible! Vitamin-C rich foods are another way to go, keeping you trim and fit. Try peppers, broccoli and Brussels sprouts! Vitamins can lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that can cause your body to hold all the terrible fat with low density cholesterol in your belly area. Ewh, cortisol!

Tip #2: Put in the Work 

Less screen time and more time spent outside jogging or performing any sort of cardio are key. No weights or equipment are needed for this workout, so no excuses!

Does it burn yet?
Want more calories burned in an even shorter period of time? High intensity resistance training is the way to go! Burn calories prior to and after exercising.

Tip #3: Haul your butt out of bed, and exercise by doing something you love!

Small changes can truly make a difference! If you’ve been hitting the gym religiously just for a week, and you can’t spot abs yet. Don’t stress. Things take time, and you can even workout at home, or simply sit in your kitchen drinking green tea!

Abs don’t equate to happiness. Happiness is a choice. Take on a positivity pledge, and remove all negative feelings from your mind; a healthy mind ensures a healthy body.  Barbie is not possible, but healthiness is!




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