Slam Poetry Videos for Cheers, Tears, Jeers, and Facing Fears


The day I scrolled through my Facebook timeline 3 years ago and watched slam poetry champion, Neil Hilborn, perform this was the day I fell in love with slam poetry:

I vividly remember tearing up because his performance was so passionate and raw, and I had no clue until that moment such kind of art existed. It’s safe to say that once I watched my first slam poetry video, it hasn’t stopped since.

If I have free time or just find myself on my main source of procrastination, known as YouTube, I will probably end up watching a slam poetry video or two (or sixteen; who knows). That is exactly what happened a few months ago, and I am so happy it did because I once again realized the range of emotions watching slam poetry brings out of me. I could be crying then hysterically laughing in the span of 3 minutes, but that’s the beauty of it.

Being youth and constantly feeling the external pressure to find our place in this world,

I think we all need something we can turn to and remind us of our humanity.

For myself, in particular, it is slam poetry. I can always count on it for inspiration or de-stressing.

Slam poetry, regardless of the subject it is speaking about, can be universally understood for the reason that emotion, expression, and art are universal. There is a slam poet out there that knows what you are going through or what you need to hear. So without further ado, here are 13 slam poetry videos to build the foundation for what I hope will be your appreciation for this type of art.

Note: there will be an * beside videos with mature language and/or triggering content. 

For Cheers

*Like Totally Whatever

To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter

Lost Voices


59, Paper People, and The Sunshine Kid

For Tears


*Yet Still, I Wait

When Love Arrives

For Jeers

*Feminist Dudes

*Rape Joke

*Dear Straight People

For Facing Fears

*The Shotgun Cabinet

The Type

Best wishes,

Kandace  🙂

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