The Spud Mobeel’s salsalicious improvisation

Spud Mobeel

So who told you to do a review on fries when you should have taken advantage of being a Salsa Station greeter at Sun and Salsa? Well, well, don’t blame me, blame all the patrons who took all the samples! (Don’t actually do it though. :D) The turnout was amazing, so you might as well get some of the Salsa spirit though our yaasalsayyc tag.

If you don’t mind my improv though, salsa fries at the Spud Mobeel hopefully shouldn’t sound too extreme and out-of-touch…. I still needed something out of the ordinary.

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No, I know that looks tasty, but that’s not what we’re getting. 😛

I’m sure you are staring at the spiral fries, but their menu has more to offer than just that. Being a mainstay, salsa fries are fitting for this occasion in a wacky way –


Ooh, gooey!


So how did it fare? Here are my ratings –

Service – 4/5  – It was good, but it was a busy day after all. Good thing they were able to take in so many orders in such a short time!

Food – 3/5 – The salsa fries aren’t a bad idea (mainly cause their fries are amazing), but the salsa didn’t shine through the fries or anything (it was mostly the nacho cheese that came through). So, umm, maybe just go for poutine next time since I think the real cheese curds are much better than the nacho. It was a messy treat, so do treat it with caution. 🙂

Value – 4/5 – For 5.75, this is plenty compared to the other food truck items you can get at that price point.

Vehicle character and design – 4/5 – Lots of fries on display!

Next task – try their poutine or spiral fries! More fried goodies for the win.


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