Poetry: Follow Your Dream

I’m sure all you have a dream. A dream of changing the world, a dream of becoming famous, a dream that you will never give up on. This is my dream. I love to write poems and songs. Here is a poem that explains my dream. It’s an example of our society- our youth, our community, our city- Calgary. Life starts off rough, but as time goes by and people become more aware of their surroundings, people join hand in hand. We unite and become one. Hope you enjoy my poem!

In This United World, Forever

Torn and broken,

Shattered in parts,

This is how our life started out.

Fading away,

And trying to stay,

In this cold world, tonight.


Feeling alive,

And feeling dead.

All these changes,

Going through our head.

Wondering if it’s all going to work out, tonight.


We may be alone.

We may be united.

Some may raise their tone.

Some may feel frightened,

In this bitter world, tonight.


Dreaming of utopia,

Wishing for a miracle,

Somebody come save us,

From this dreadful world, tonight.


Feeding the poor,

And helping the weak,

Opening all the doors,

To fix the creaks,

In this shattered world, tonight.


Encountering people who we never met,

Smiling at the ones who made us fret.

Believing in me and believing in them,

Hoping one day we’ll all become, one,

In this lifeless world, tonight.


Opening our eyes,

Admitting to our lies,

Facing our fears,

And letting out our tears,

In this joint world, tonight.


Join hand in hand,

On this prairie land.

Look around you,

Let your heart tell the truth,

In this united world, tonight.


Look beyond what you see,

This is your chance to be free,

From that bitter world, tonight.


This is our utopia,

We’re living a miracle,

We’ve been saved,

And now we live…

In this united world, forever.


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– Written by: Sheliza Kassam

Follow your dream. Commit to your passion. You have the capability to do anything. 🙂


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