Top 10 Movies To Look Forward To In 2017 Part 1

With 2016 soon coming to wrap I thought it was time to look at some of the most awesome and thrilling movies coming out next year, which there are a lot of  This list is comprised of the top 10 movies that I am looking forward to and most excited for that are coming out in 2017.  This is Part 1 hence this is movies 6 to 10 and Part 2 will be coming out soon. Now without further ado let’s take a look.

6. Justice League

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This is the equivalent of the Avengers in the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) yet I am not very excited for this movie hence why it’s so low on the list.  Don’t get me wrong it is wonderful that we finally get a team up of some of the strongest characters in DC and not to mention we get more of Ben Affleck’s Batman. However the DCEU is moving much faster than the MCU did however this can play against them and they might make the mistake of putting too many characters into one movie. With the Avengers they had built up most characters in other installments (with the exception of the Hulk) and didn’t need much time to explain them. In Justice League they have to introduce many  characters (villains and heroes). All we can do now is hope they have learned from their mistake and that Justice League will be a great movie.

7. Alien Covenant

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After the supposedly horrifying teaser that was released ( I haven`t seen it but I have heard of what it shows) it is hard to say which way this movie will go. Not much has been released and the plot is still mostly a mystery however after the previous installment (Prometheus) I am excited that this movie will further the lore of the Aliens franchise. The movie is rumored to have an R rating so maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to go watch it however I am still lookig forward to the film.

8. Kong: Skull Island

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After Godzilla, Legendary announced that it was making Kong Skull Island and this lead many to speculate that a Godzilla versus Kong (GVK for sort)movie was in the making. In 2015 they confirmed it and now a year later here we are waiting for Kong to make his debut next year. While I am excited for  this movie, with the amazing cast and visuals, I am definitively 10 times more excited for GVK. That sort of takes away the excitement for Skull Island for me ( and probably only me) as I feel this movie will only be shadowed by GVK. However that doesn’t mean I have lost hope for this movie just that this is more of a preview than movie for me.

9. Star Wars: Episode VIII

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While much isn’t known about this movie (we still don’t know the full title) I am definitely excited for this movie. The reason this ranks so low on my list is that I am not a Star wars fan but more of a sci-fi fan. While I have seen all the Star Wars movies (even the prequels)  I wasn’t that intrigued to see The Force awakens. This doesn’t mean I hate the series or that I believe the series is  bad in any way it does mean that I am not the biggest of fans. However after the praise Episode VII got I am definitely a lot more intrigued by Episode VIII and a lot more likely to see it in theaters.

10. Transformers: The Last Knight

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While many say that the Transformers series is a mind numbing experience I still appreciate the series. Not for the characters (except for bumblebee) but just the 3 hours of relaxation and fun, we don’t get many movies like that anymore. Many might say that is the reason we should watch movies, for the deep meaning and story, but I say that take a break now and then. I am in no way saying the the series is flawless by any means, there are a lot, and I do mean a lot, of problems however I am just there to enjoy the movie.

Part 2 coming out next week

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