Top 5 international female politicians

After a long struggle of women to achieve the same rights as men, slowly but surely most countries move towards more equality. What women have realized is to better their position is to take over typical male-dominated jobs, and change the individual country’s perception of the abilities of women. Women aren’t just providers for their family, but they are also great entrepreneurs and addition to the workforce in general! So here the top five influential female politicians that have showed the world that the answer to some questions can be simple: A woman!

Angela Merkel (2008).jpg

1.Angela Merkel

The chancellor of Germany has been one of the most influential women in politics for a long time. Her accomplishments include being the first female chancellor of Germany, as well as first female leader of the party she represents. She did live in the DDR, which made Merkel understand, since she has experienced such first hand, the hardships women encounter under unconsiderate governments, and has been very engaged in helping step towards greater gender equality in Germany. It becomes very evident that women and youth are close to her heart when considering her position as Minister of  Women and Youth from 1991 to 1994. The international connections Merkel values lead into the next two influential women, with which she has met over time.

Official portrait of Dilma Rousseff

2. Dilma Rousseff

The president of Brazil is similar to Merkel in one way: She is the first woman to ever hold the office of the president of Brazil! She has lived through Guerilla groups attacking the military dictatorship, tortured during her own capture between 1970 and 1972. This experience shaped her decision to establish the Democratic Labour Party. Yet she ran for president for the Workers’ Party.

3. Michelle Obama

Though ‘only’ the wife of the President of the United States, Mrs. Obama has an impressive life story. When she was born, her parents raised her and her brother with a lot of love, which she now brings to her own role as a mother. She is also a wife, lawyer and civil servant, but she always stresses that more than anything she is a mom. I believe this to be the reason she is so influential: She is filled with love, despite her extraordinary role everyone can identify themselves with her, and she makes us proud to be a woman.

4. Sonia Gandhi

Born in Italy, Sonia Gandhi has been the President of the Indian National Congress since 1998, having been introduced to politics by her now deceased husband, former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, which she only joined though in 1997, six years after her husband’s assassination. She has been the longest serving President so far. She is the fifth foreign-born leader of the Congress Party, but only the first since the independence in 1947. India is a more traditional country, and Gandhi shows women can bring significant change.

Park Geun-Hye official.JPG

5. Geun-hye Park

Her Excellency is the 11th president of South Korea, after having been the leader of the Saenuri Party and First Lady. She is the first female president of South Korea, and also first woman head of state in the modern Northeast Asia, considered in South Korea the most influential politician since the presidencies of the two Kims. She was also known as “Queen of Elections.”

What a list! I guess all girls and women are a little more empowered now! And as one can tell, powerful women can be found all over the world! Could you be the next?

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