Video of the Day: history of the entire world, i guess


After completing three gruelling weeks of I.B. exams, I decided to reward myself by watching the YouTube videos I’ve missed. Succumbing to BuzzFeed videos, I did, however, also stumble across a video that was going viral called, “history of the entire world, i guess.” The last thing I wanted to do was watch a 19-minute history video when I just finished writing countless essays for I.B. History, but curiosity got the best of me. It was so worth it in the end.

The creator, Bill Wurtz, is known on YouTube for posting content so short but creative, you can’t help but laugh. However, gems such as “history of the entire world, i guess” and even the 9-minute history of japan,” which are much longer than his usual seconds-long videos, are just as funny and way more relaxed than the documentaries you usually watch in social class.

I’ve got a weird sense of humour, so watching this video with its funny graphics, text, and cheesy music was very entertaining. I may complain about having to write essays about the French Revolution and the Cold War, but I do enjoy a history lesson when it is as funny as the video above. It isn’t in-depth enough to get sufficient information from, but it reinforces parts of history you do know and condenses it to the point you are able to understand the context of when things happened. 19 minutes seems like a lot of time invested into a video, but this one is especially perfect for the times you want to learn but don’t want to think too much about what you’re learning. Summer is just around the corner, so when you need a good laugh amidst the stress of final exams, look no further! And whenever you need a break from practicing written responses or studying concepts of liberalism, I hope you find yourself watching this.

Best wishes,

Kandace  🙂

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