How to Get Work Done

...Or at least make a solid effort.

If you’re like me, you probably procrastinate on getting work done every once in a while. You might even be procrastinating right now. Here I will share with you three things that I have found useful to help me complete my work.

  1. Remove distractions. You have probably already been told this many times, but this is one of the most important things that you can do to increase your productivity. Close any tabs on all electronic devices that are not essential to the task. Go to an area where you can get your work done without other people bothering you. If it helps with blocking out surrounding noise, listen to music. Just be careful not to get distracted by the music. A Soft Murmur is a great resource if you would like something to minimize the sounds in your surrounding environment, where you can choose to have different amounts of various nature sounds playing.
  2. Start working. Although this may seem obvious, this is often the hardest part of completing the work. The project may seem so big that it is easier to just put it off for another day. You can start by dividing the work into smaller, more manageable tasks. Then, tell yourself to start working for a short amount of time, about 15 minutes or so. 15 minutes of working doesn’t sound too bad, right? When you are able to complete the small tasks and start working for a short amount of time, you are more likely to keep going because you have already accomplished something.
  3. Work for as long as you can without taking a break. What I have found to be one of the most detrimental things for my productivity is taking a “short” break. It is very easy for what was intended to be a 5-minute break to run for 50 minutes long. All of the passion that you had as you were beginning to really get into the work that was fueled by the desire to realize your ideas can disappear in a flash if you start to do something else and become uninterested.


Nobody is superhuman. It is not fair to expect yourself to be able to get everything done quickly and all at once. Instead of giving up at the thought of the enormity of the endeavor, all that is needed is a bit of planning and perseverance in order to complete it. Good luck!

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