Worth A Thousand Words

No filters, just honesty through photography and poetry.
Taken by Neil-Erine Palmaria

In the forest we grow ever so quietly

Disturbing no one as the season changes from harsh to light

Blooming slowly, but when we’re gone it seems like we weren’t there at all

Beauty escapes too quickly

Acknowledge and appreciate it while it lasts.


Taken by Neil-Erine Palmaria

As tall as the sky

I feel on top of the world standing beside my brothers and sisters


Wind grasps my branches and wiggles the needles

Good morning sunshine, I haven’t seen your sunrise since yesterday.


Taken by Neil-Erine Palmaria

Wait until the frost melts or the snow kills us all

Our fate rests in the hands of temperature

But for now we enjoy the sunlight

The warmth

The brightness.


Taken by Neil-Erine Palmaria

Shining light into a deafening darkness

Our secrets and insecurities in the spotlight

All eyes are on us

Trees, deers, and bushes in the background

Their importance is real, but the focus is on us.


Taken by Neil-Erine Palmaria

Gaze for more than usual

You’ll notice things you’ve never seen before in the same path you’ve walked all your life.

Frost turns into quartz

Puddles become portals into another reality

Just stop and stare at nature

Trust me, nature won’t mind

The trees won’t find it rude.


Taken by Neil-Erine Palmaria

Cold waters and unforgivable winters

Beautiful from a distance

Do not disturb.

I’m sitting in a car with the windows down and camera pointed towards the fog

Not everything has to be loud and exciting

I don’t have to run beside the water and fly a drone for a more dramatic effect

I can, but I don’t

Little moments can mean more then the bigger ones.


Reference Photo taken by Neil-Erine Palmaria

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