Worthwhile Coffee Shops to Try in YYC

What is it that lure people into coffee shops and keep them in for hours? Is it just the coffee? The people you’re with? The atmosphere? I am guilty of spending too much time and money in coffee shops, and for me, it is all of these things. Whether you are catching up with work, reading a book, or meeting a friend, coffee shops make one of the best places to kick back or work in. After past experiences and a bit of research, I’ve compiled a small list of cafés in Calgary worth checking out.


Analog Coffee

Okay, so lets get the popular ones right away: I’m sure many of you (especially Western kids? Uh-huh.) have enjoyed a cup of coffee at Anolog. There are many gems around the city, but Analog on 17th remains my favorite and go-to place. What makes them stand out? Besides the cool/eclectic interior and friendly staff, this place is known for their specialty drip coffee.

Analog Coffee on 17th


Corbeaux Bakehouse

The first time Corbeaux had opened, it seemed impossible to reserve a spot. It was (and remains to be) one of the most popular cafés on 17th. There is a good reason why, too. Corbeaux serves some of the most beautiful looking pastries along with great coffee. Their glass-roof structure gives the place plenty of natural light, creating a warm and open atmosphere as you sip your cup.

Corbeaux Bakehouse on 17th


Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Phil & Seb has been awarded as the best coffee shop in YYC. My favorite location of theirs is in Mission, on 4th street  (as in the photo below) because of it’s cool kitschy interior.

Phil & Sebastian on 4th Street


La Boulangerie

So I’m in here right now, and let me tell you, this place is worth the walk. I like to describe it as a little piece of France in central Calgary. La Boulangerie is located on 4th street and serves the richest crepes along with your coffee. Also, if you’re here for brunch – they’ll fresh press your orange juice – it’s the real deal.

La Boulangerie on 4th

DeVille Coffee

DeVille Coffee used to have a shop in the second floor of Art central, and it was one of my favorite spots. Since they tore that down though, their location in Fashion Central serves your coffee shop needs just as well. This shop has great macarons and serves a nutella latté. It has a cool NYC feel to it that gives you an impression of a designer’s regular meeting area.


Gravity Café

You can find Gravity Café in the Inglewood community. It has a rustic yet modern character that provides a perfect setting for your coffee and pastry.

Gravity Café in Inglewood


Monogram Coffee

Monogram has one pop-up location in DaDe Art & Design Lab and one permanent spot that has just opened in Altadore. Though it’s slightly tight in space, it is a cute and modernly decorated shop quickly rising in popularity.

Monogram Coffee


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