Amazon Go, a revolution in the grocery store space

The tech giant Amazon opened their brand new grocery store to the public, which eliminate checkout and aims to eliminate lines.

Nearing the end of January, Amazon opened its “go” store to the public. The project from Amazon aimed to introduce a completely new shopping experience, which eliminated the traditional cashier payment method by swapping it for a cashier-less, walk in walk out experience. The store opened in Seattle and was quickly met with long lineups upon its opening to the public.

The “Go store” features a plethora of ready-made meals and other common items you would find in a grocery store. However, it does not offer certain items as they are hard to track, such as fresh produce.

The store features a large number of cameras installed in the ceiling which aim to track the individuals who are shopping while tracking which products they pick up and put back, the cameras are also used in combination with sensors in the shelves, all these technological aspects track and keep track of what you pick up and walk out of the store with . Ultimately the cameras follow the individuals and the products they take as they walk out of the front door, they then charge their Amazon account.

The ambition from Amazon with its new project is clear, however, the success of this new ambition is anything but clear.


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