The Apple HomePod, the newest Google Home and Amazon Echo competitor

The HomePod Apple's newest Product aims to introduce Apple in the smart speaker market

Apple’s HomePod is the tech giants attempt to cement themselves into the smart home speaker market. Prior to the HomePod, companies such as Google and Amazon have released products such as the Google Home and Google Home Mini, as well as Amazon releasing the Amazon Echo. Apple’s late entrance into the smart home market shows the Cupertino based company’s plan to diversify its products range, whilst deepening the Apple ecosystem for its consumers.

Its new HomePod is a brand new smart speaker, which aims to make a plethora of the features from Apple’s ecosystem more accessible by voice. However its most heavily branded feature is its ability to bring music and integrate it with a high-quality speaker with Siri. The Homepod features a high excursion woofer and a custom amplifier. It also features Apple’s A8 chip which was also the chip which was most notably used by Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

The Apple HomePod utilizes Siri to navigate music, and integrates it into its design with a glowing light positioned on the top of the device. Siri gives the listener a variety of options to control their music and control a bunch of other features. Apple also aims to integrate the HomePod with its HomeKit platform, helping the HomePod give control over areas such as lighting, thermostats, etc.

The Homepod releases in the U.S.A on February 9th 2018; however a specific date has not been announced for Canada. Until then, many excited customers will wait to see if Apple’s newest product is going to be a game changer or just another product.

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