Not Good Enough

A poem about averageness.

They are never good enough.

They’re okay, but never enough to stand out.

They’re just sort of there. Filler.

Even though they work hard

Even though they try their best.

But what does it matter when everybody

Is doing the best they can?

Then they are all the same.

A homogeneous sea of consistency.

Going beyond the requirements

But unable to surpass

The achievements of others.

Those in charge still adore them

Because they have mastered how to

Exceed the obligations.

But when they’re all overachievers

They are all the same.

Toeing the line between being

Totally complaisant

And being


Unsure which will lead to a better result.

Is it better to follow the tried-and-true path to success

Or is it better to be innovative?

Whatever they choose

They continue to work hard.


Sometimes it doesn’t even matter

Because everyone else is working just as hard.

Some of them give up

And sink


Into what they believe

Are the depths of mediocrity.

Then, they either continue


The downward


Or they learn to let go.

To let go from the constant pressures,

The ever-present expectations

For perfection.

Because some people

Endeavor to completely meet

Somebody else’s expectations.

Some people

Dare to be controversial

And ingenious.

Good for them.

But not all of them can stand out.


It’s okay to just

blend in.

But even then, they still find themselves

Wishing they were good enough.


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