The Tides

Hypothermia seems like an old friend

I’m by the beach

Walking towards the waves

Feet soaked in water

Skies turning grey

Oh the sun’s starting to die

I should probably leave and dry off

But I stay put

My feet’s freezing and the water starts to rise to my chest

This won’t end well, but I love the water


However, the water doesn’t seem to love me back

Waves calmly splash my face

“Kisses from the cold,”

I tell myself


Even if each kiss feels more like frostbite


Goosebumps rise

Body shivers


I am slowly putting myself in danger

I should swim towards the shore

I’d be safe, but I’d still miss the water


A yellow ball arises from the horizon

It whispers “Good Morning.” as to not wake up the sea creatures


The waves now fall

They’re by my ankles

The water is warmer, but still chilled


In the morning and throughout the day, I seem safe

I seem fine

It’s only when the tides rise I am faced with an outpouring of my own thoughts


The sun is leaving again

Leaving without me


This time the waves don’t reach my chest

They go further up towards my neck

I strain each muscle so I don’t choke on the salt water


With each splash, it still manages to sneak its way into my throat

This is really unhealthy, but I don’t want to leave


I don’t want to go back to the shore and feel the safe sand again

Each night I drown in my own thoughts


Each night I loved the water, but it didn’t love me back

I loved you, but you never loved me back


Notice how I said loved instead of love?

A past tense instead of a present


No matter how long we stay in the ocean, we have to get back to land

If you lived without being in the water before, you can live without it again

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