Underrated Movies/TV Shows That Deserve Your Attention Now

I’ve been watching movies and TV shows for a long time now. Long enough to identify which ones are garbage and which are not. But one thing that has bothered me the most, is that the ABSOLUTE BEST films and shows (in my opinion) are coincidentally the most unpopular ones. It’s such a shame that these titles don’t have the recognition they deserve! They are life-changing, heart-breaking and all-in-all inexplicably amazing in every aspect. It’s time to justify their lack of attention and make them known!


Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this movie poster. Clyde and Bonnie. Bonnie and Clyde. Unquestionably one of the most iconic couples in history. This two-part miniseries (or three-hour-long movie if you watch on Netflix) follows the lives of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, from their first meeting to their last. Car chases and shootouts, all taking place in the dirty 30’s just to make it even greater. Watching this has evoked all sorts of feelings. This entire miniseries had been an emotional roller coaster, taking me on a ride and showcasing the rise and fall of the infamous Bonnie & Clyde. This picture says it all. Two people, madly in love, committing crimes along the way. Does it really get any better than this? I think this has got to be the best Bonnie & Clyde film of all time. The way the actors portray the roles of the two, it’s like they’ve become the actual characters. At times I felt like I was watching lost tapes of the real Bonnie and Clyde in action! Trailer

X COMPANY (2017)

I say this at least twice on a daily basis, but EVERYBODY GO WATCH X COMPANY, A.K.A. THE BEST SHOW KNOWN TO MAN. It pains me greatly knowing that probably only me and 4 other people have watched this show. It’s actually the most incredible thing that exists on earth, I’m just saying. This show could easily beat any other show on the face of the planet. 5 allied spies in occupied Europe during WW2? Tell me that it’s not the greatest thing you’ve ever heard. I would defend this show to the death without hesitation. Espionage, secrecy, drama, romance, kicking some Nazi butt. What more could you ask for? The plot never has a dull moment and trust me, this is the kind of show you’d pull all nighters for. Trailer


Handsome Devil is the cutest LGBTQ movie I’ve ever seen. It’s set in an all-boys, rugby-obsessed boarding school. Ned (right) is the only boy at his school who despises rugby, and just his luck, Conor (left), a rugby star has been assigned as Ned’s new roommate. But there was something different about Conor, something he wasn’t ready to admit to himself, much less the rest of the world. It’s a beautiful story about coming out and the fight against homophobia. It’ll make you cry and laugh at the same time. I highly recommend you watch this underrated movie. Trailer


LIFE. CHANGING. I initially watched this three-part British miniseries on an airplane, which was a horrible idea because I nearly flooded the plane with my tears. I think I’ve cried more in these three episodes than I have my whole life. Let this be a warning, you’re going to need at least one whole box of tissues if you plan on watching. This BBC WW1 drama is so underrated it makes me angry. No shade, but this deserves twice as many views than the trashy shows on Netflix’s home page. It tells three different stories of the first world war, as told by people who lived it. This miniseries is nothing short of astonishing. From the trenches to the fields, the battlefront to the home front, it shows the tragedy and reality that was the great war. Trailer


This German movie left me in a pool of tears. No joke. Don’t let the fact that it’s a foreign movie scare you from watching. It’s based on the true story of how after the second world war, leftover German prisoners of war were forced to stay and defuse landmines. It’ll make you feel so many emotions, by the time you’re finished you won’t even know what hit you. Plot twists are literally everywhere, and nothing goes the way you think it’s going to. It’s such a spectacular movie and deserves all the attention in the world. Trailer

Let these titles be known!

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  • I love this post Hilary! I’ve been looking for some recommendations lately and “Handsome Devil” looks really good so I can’t wait to watch it!

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